Week ending 03 August 2018

To be in South Africa is to be part of a story that goes back to the start of all humanity. Today, South Africa has evolved into an amazing mix of modern cultures, with an inspiring history and incredible heroes.

As South Africans we constantly challenge ourselves to find a sense of community while appreciating our diversity. And one way of doing this is travelling and taking in the scenic beauty that abound our country.  At this year’s South African Heritage and Tourism Festival held on the heritage sites of Freedom Park and Voortrekker Monument in the city of Tshwane; people will have the opportunity not only to enjoy great food and music but take in these incredible heritage sites on either foot or cycling.

Freedom Park is a heritage treasure trove, chronicling the history of Africa and South Africa, from earth's early beginnings through the emergence of humanity. It traces the paths of African civilisations, colonialism, industrialisation, and apartheid, to modern democracy.

A real show of our tasteful diversity

No matter where you’re from, food has an intrinsic way of taking you down memory lane and remind you of who you are. And truly if there is that one thing that can tell a story about a people and their outlook on life, it is not only the food they eat, but how they prepare it as well. In South Africa there is no shortage of food stories to be devoured and enjoyed; with flavours from every corner of the world, infused with traditional influences and ingredients from all the nine provinces of the country - South Africa is a real melting pot.

It is the food that will have you journeying around the country discovering something new, something different, and definitely something cultured at every corner. From Limpopo to the Cape; rural areas to big metropolitans; there is no shortage of warm, hearty, and sometimes surprising food to delight any palate.

The best way to understand a people; who they are, what their aspirations are, and how they want to be perceived by the world; is to look at how they celebrate where they come from.

South Africa is a kaleidoscope of cultures, tastes, languages, and races; but the one thing we know how to do; is share our heritage through colourful stories that unify us despite our diversity.