The best way to understand a people; who they are, what their aspirations are, and how they want to be perceived by the world; is to look at how they celebrate where they come from.

South Africa is a kaleidoscope of cultures, tastes, languages, and races; but the one thing we know how to do; is share our heritage through colourful stories that unify us despite our diversity.


In the month of September; a month when we celebrate all our hues and beauty as a people; the world will converge on two heritage sites located next to each other in the City of Tshwane. Joined by a simple road aptly known as Reconciliation Road, The Voortrekker Monument and Freedom Park will co-host the very first SA Heritage and Tourism (SAH&T Fest) on grounds carrying symbols of our past and out present; and show everyone what our future will look like.

The SAH&T Fest will celebrate our biggest attraction; our people and shared heritage through music, dance, cultural performances, food and drink over the two days of the festival opened to the public – 15 and 16 September 2018. The two Heritage sites will both be kitted with stages, exhibition stands, arts, crafts and food stalls where people of all ages and tastes will find something of appeal. In addition to the entertainment, the venues will also host fashion shows, cycling tours and freedom walks.

Through the Festival, South Africa is readying to share gladly with the world our heritage, diverse cultures, history, food; but most importantly; our hearts and future.