SA Heritage & Tourism Festival (SAH&TFest 2018) to launch in June

DATE OF EVENT:                        14- 16 September 2018

VENUE:                                       Voortrekker Monument & Freedom Park, Tshwane

The Organisers of SA Heritage & Tourism Festival (SAH&TFest) 2018 and the Executive Management of Freedom Park, Voortrekker Monument, Department of Arts and Culture and partners are proud to announce the SA Heritage and Tourism Festival on the (14 – 16 September 2018) at Voortrekker Monument and Freedom Park in the City of Tshwane, of which the 14th of September 2018 will be exclusive for pre-booked guided tours.

Celebrate the best Tshwane area has to offer with this inaugural South African & African community and family inspired festival which is set to become an annual calendar highlight.  Visitors can enjoy a wide range of local festivities, nature reserve cycling tour and 10km walk, arts crafts and food markets, all indigenous cultural cuisines, have all indigenous cultures represented at the festival, Stalls and exhibition platforms (Tourism, Heritage, Arts and Culture), kiddies area, potjiekos competition, Two Stages at each park, variety of mainstream artists and up and coming artists will perform at the festival, Cultural Dancing, poetry, small player or acts and recitals and so much more


The vision of SAH&TFest 2018 is to support heritage tourism projects and activities that draw visitors and expand economic development and tourism-related job creation throughout South Africa.  Heritage tourism fosters sustainable business development and job creation, while making our communities more attractive places to live in and visit,” said the Organisers.

The objective is to open a platform for the tourism & heritage partners, public-private partnerships to preserve and enhance the best of City of Tshwane historic sites, unspoiled natural landscapes, and enduring traditions and importantly our communities that will contribute to our economy and improve quality of life for the City of Tshwane residents and across our beautiful Country.

These tangible links to both present and the past encourage residents to recognize they have a special piece of the South African story to treasure and share with others, and that in doing so they are contributing to the economic well-being of South African communities.

Dept of Arts and Culture as well as the National Heritage Council significantly contributes to South Africa tourism by saving and enhancing the places that attract heritage tourists and people who focus their travels on historic sites, museums, cultural activities, or the natural beauty of South Africa.   SA Heritage & Tourism Festival 2018 is going to be the Festival that unlocks the enormous potential of our richly diverse, fascinating and warm hospitable culture, our intriguing stories, our history and that unique combination of people and place that makes South Africa an extraordinary and unique destination, and one of the fastest growing and most popular holiday destinations in the world today,”

Ms Jane Mufamadi, CEO of Freedom Park had this to say, Freedom Park is an embodiment of the struggles of humanity and freedom. An icon of National Reconciliation, Nation Building and Social Cohesion.   // hapo museum narrates a story dating back from 3.6 billion years from an African perspective. A unique positioning of interpretive heritage, culture, history spirituality and Indigenous Knowledge Systems.  Freedom Park is the only heritage destination that interprets its historic space through storytelling in addition to educational programmes, resource centre, guided and self-guided tours. Support tourism facilities is a Coffee Lounge and a Restaurant. Freedom Park has a cordial relationship with the community of Salvokop, in which it is situated, and from time to time provides seasonal job creation for young members of the community.  We are excited to the SAH&TFest 2018 and to celebrate the 1st Festival at our venue.

Ms Cecilia Kruger, Managing Director from Vootrekker Monument had this to say, this year marks the 80th anniversary since the laying of the Voortrekker Monument’s cornerstone and the SAH&TFest is one of the planned events to celebrate this momentous occurrence. We look forward to welcoming the public on our heritage site and to celebrate South African heritage with us. The Voortrekker Monument was proclaimed a national heritage site by the South African Heritage Resources Agency (SAHRA) in 2011.

The organisers are also well pleased to announce that we are in partnership with SADB Business Form who’s primary aim is to get South African and non-South African you together and start collaborating on a wide variety of issues affecting them, chief being the high unemployment rate, who want to encourage the youth to start focusing on driving economic development programmes amongst themselves and collaborate beyond the border of South Africa.  The festival is also designed to make a social call to action through the festival as a way of contributing towards effort to roll back the impact of Poverty and Unemployment by promoting Arts and Tourism as an Economic Development Sector and to encourage Artists to take their craft as serious business.

Be part of this Festival as it will be jam packed with great entertainment, knowledge, history, exploring our beautiful parks, meet new people, spend time with your loved ones, enjoy the walk and cycle in the park and come listen to great music from our up and coming artists as well as our mainstream artists.

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