South Africa Heritage and Tourism Festival

By Margaret Mouton

30 June 2018



CEO of Freedom Park, Ms Jane Mufamadi

CEO of the Voortrekker Monument, Ms Cecilia Kruger

CEO of SAACI, Mr Rudi van der Vyver

DG of the Department of Arts and Culture, Mr Vusumusi Mkhize

Members of the tourism industry

Members of the media

Ladies and gentlemen

The purpose of the South Africa Heritage and Tourism Festival is deeply rooted in the belief that as South Africans, we have a responsibility to conserve and protect our culture and heritage for current and future generations. And tourism is our chosen vehicle in driving and living that purpose.

The importance of tourism in creating national pride, social cohesions, and local economies, cannot be overstated. In South Africa today, the pressure is immense to support industries that will move our country forward and give people courage to use what they have to improve their livelihoods. The South Africa Heritage and Tourism Festival aims to showcase just how achievable that is with its inaugural event taking place on the 14th, 15th, and 16th of September 2018.


A first of its kind in South Africa and hosted in the City of Tshwane; not only will the South Africa Heritage and Tourism Festival showcase the city’s events hosting capabilities, it will also bring to life the vision of South Africa as a nation committed to using its cultures and heritage to bring about unity and prosperity. Tshwane is an iconic metropolitan in South Africa and is rich in heritage sites. In this special year when we are celebrating the Nelson Mandela centenary, what can be more fitting than hosting our inaugural event at the Freedom Park and Voortrekker Monument venues. These are two venues that hold the incredible history of our country; where we come from and where we are today. We strongly believe the festival will give us a taste of what our future as South Africans could look like when we come together.

The South Africa Heritage and Tourism Festival will celebrate our biggest attraction; our people; through music, dance, culture, food and drink over the three days. There will be a thoroughfare where people can move between the two venues and enjoy cultural activities and offerings on both sides. The two venues will both be kitted with stages, exhibition stands, arts, crafts and food stalls throughout the three days. People of all ages and tastes will find something of appeal. In addition to the musical performances, poetry sessions, theatre offerings, and dancing; the venues will also host Cycling tours – Trail to Fort Schanskop, a 5 or 10Km Freedom Walk, and fashion shows.

The importance of collaboration and partnership is imperative to the success of this festival. Envisioned to become the signature event for the city of Tshwane, it will foster nation building, attract local and international tourists, and most importantly create 300 part-time jobs during the three days. We are also very happy to announce that on the first day of the event, we as the South Africa Heritage and Tourism Festival, have booked and paid for guided tours for students from Tswaidi High School in Rustenburg, and Seana Marena in Soweto, to attend and learn about South Africa’s heritage and diverse cultures.

We look forward to giving you a taste of what South Africa is all about; our heritage, diverse cultures, history, food; but most importantly; our hearts and future.

Thank you